WØAKI Trail Riders - The Trail Riders program is a special net of the St. Louis and Suburban Radio Club that connects you to other club members where you can pre-arrange a meeting time and frequency on UHF/VHF repeaters or VHF/HF simplex in order to meet and exchange information related to a specific question.

Questions will be accumulated by E-mail and the Trail Riders Program will work to match your question up with another member who has an answer and willingness to help. Then, one evening each quarter the Trail Riders net will conviene on the 146.850 repeater and those participating for the on-air meeting will check in with net control (the Trail Boss). Once all participants are checked in the Trail Boss will release the net and each group will move off to their pre-arranged frequencies. The Trail Riders net does not have a specific time frame but participating stations are expected to check back in with the Trail Boss station when their "ride" is over or if the on-air meeting does not occur or other problems are encountered.

During the Trail Riders net the Trail Boss will keep a list of "riders" and directions would include: (1) a list of repeater/simplex frequencies (Trail Markers) being used that evening, (2) the question that each visitor would be expected to answer, (3) their location, and (4) call sign/name.  The Trail Boss will give each "rider" a simplex signal report as they check in, where possible. For Hams that do not currently have HF stations the Trail Riders net will help hook them up to another member that uses HF so that they can get together and gain HF experience.

I hope you will take the WØAKI Trail Riders challenge, that is to reach out and connect with another club member and answer a question or share some of what you know to help move someone along their Amateur Radio journey. - Helen, WØAKI

Trail Riders Net:

Monday, November 15 from 8:00 PM until 8:45PM

Trail markers

Trail Boss - (NCS) Steve, WØSJS
Trail Guide - Dolores, KDØCIV

Trail Begins 146.850 w/141.3 CTCSS
Stop 1 - 145.210 no CTCSS, Repeater
Stop 2 - 147.360 no CTCSS, Repeater
Stop 3 - 145.210 Simplex
Stop 4 - 443.075 w/141.3 CTCSS Repeater
Trail Ends 146.850 (CTCSS 141.3) at 8:45 PM

Riders, please have your rig and manual ready. If you have a question about how to program your rig please send Email to info@slsrc.org with your Name, Call, Rig model, description of problem & best way to contact you and we will find you an Elmer to assist.

For complete instructions and frequencies, click here to download a PDF version.

To become involved in a WØAKI Trail Riders Net please send your question to trailriders@w0aki.com