WØAKI Web - The WØAKI website is the home of the mentoring programs of the St. Louis and Suburban Radio Club, Inc. These programs and this website are a reflection of one of our outstanding members, Helen, WØAKI.

The goal of these programs is to promote the Amateur Radio experience to the general public as well as to licensed Amateurs both newly licensed and 'old timers. One of the hallmarks of the Amateur Radio service is its history of mentoring between Hams - we call it "Elmering". Becoming a Ham, in many ways, is like becoming a member of a large family that represents people from all over the world. The connection that Amateur Radio brings is a personal connection and one of the important facets that bind us together - along with common interests in communications, helping others and technological innovations.

Helen exemplifies these attributes and is a wonderful roll model and it is for this reason that her example and spirit are reflected in this web site and the programs it promotes. We encourage you to visit and use this website to assist you on your own personal journey in this very wonderful hobby and to share it with others who may find it beneficial. - the Board of the St. Louis and Suburban Radio Club, Inc., WØSRC

For more information, please Email to info@w0aki.com